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Ahmed Mkhaiber
Auday Al-Bayati
Itab Fadhil


This research aims to improve the radiation shielding properties of polymer-based materials by mixing PVC with locally available building materials. Specifically, two key parameters of fast neutron attenuation (removal cross-section and half-value layer) were studied for composite materials comprising PVC reinforced with common building materials (cement, sand, gypsum and marble) in different proportions (10%, 30% and 50% by weight). To assess their effectiveness as protection against fast neutrons, the macroscopic neutron cross-section was calculated for each composite. Results show that neutron cross-section values are significantly affected by the reinforcement ratios, and that the composite material PVC + 50% gypsum is an effective shield against fast neutrons.


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Mkhaiber, A., Al-Bayati, A. ., & Fadhil, I. . . (2022). INVESTIGATION OF FAST NEURON ATTENUATION COEFFICIENTS FOR SOME IRAQI BUILDING MATERIALS. Malaysian Journal of Science, 41(2), 80–89.
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