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Ruchi Pandey
Shankar Datt Pandey
Sumit Kumar
Rajendra Kumar


In KCl crystals, the 2s energy level of F-center within an anion-cation vacancy pair has been proposed as a suitable trap for thermoluminescence (TL) emission. It is further seen that the 2s – level of F-center situated in cation – anion vacancy pair has large trap depth. The observed trap depth of F-center is explainable on the basis of Herman and Barnett model, modified presently and supports bi-vacancy configuration for traps in KCl lattice.


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Rajendra Kumar, Rama University

Dr. Rajendra Kumar is working as Professor in Rama University, Kanpur U.P.  India in Department of Physics, He received B.Sc. and M.Sc. from Kanpur University and Ph. D from CCS University Meerut U.P. India in 2009, qualified CSIR-UGC-NET in 2002. He is  teaching last 17 years in UG and PG students. So Many Students are doing doctorial research work under the supervision of him. His research work is in the field of Plasma Polymer thin films, Sensor Technology, solar cell, IOT health care system and Material Physics etc, He is author of more than 25 research papers in national as well as international Journals, and 25 national and international conferences research papers ,copyright, and Patents. He is author of international book for research which is also in the field of plasma polymerization thin films.

He is the member of different Academic and Professional Societies. He is also editors of various national and international Journals. He is also the chairman of different academic committees in the university


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