Vol 23 Suppl 1 (2020)

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The University of Malaya, Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia hosted the APACPH-KL Early Career Global Public Health Conference: Implementation Science for Improving Population Health on the 11th and 12th of April, 2019. The two-day conference was officiated by APACPH-KL President, Yang Berbahagia Datuk Professor Awang Bulgiba Awang Mahmud. The conference gathered experts and researchers in public health for an exchange and expansion of knowledge and to share experiences on how to tackle public health issues, which are sometimes borderless.

Organized by Asia-Pacific Academic Consortium for Public Health Kuala Lumpur (APACPH-KL), in collaboration with the Centre for Population Health (CePH), the Department of Social and Preventive Medicine (SPM), Faculty of Medicine, University of Malaya, and the University of Airlangga; the conference aimed to leverage on the global public health education and research of Asia-Pacific universities to address global public health issues through interaction with public policy and media. It also hoped to develop and enhance the network amongst international fellow students and early career public health researchers.

The conference offered an excellent platform for early-career public health professionals and students to exchange ideas and network with regional public health thought leaders and researchers. The organizers succeeded in bringing people from the industry, academia, NGOs, and international organizations to make presentations and have interactive discussions. Participants made oral presentations on Health Systems and Policy, Epidemiology, Occupational and Environmental Health as well as Behavioural and Reproductive Health.

This conference hopes to build up the confidence of early-career public health professionals and postgraduate students in presenting and publishing articles in well-regarded peer-reviewed journals. It was also the perfect opportunity for them to network and interact with one another. APACPH-KL and the University of Malaya look forward to more of such activities being conducted in the near future.

Published: 2020-08-28

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